Wednesday 18 March, 20:30
The British Film Institute - BFI Southbank

Friday 20 March, 18:30
Ace Hotel with Little White Lies magazine

Saturday 21 March, 15:00
Rio Cinema presented by Freud Museum

Creative Gathering
24/04/2020 - 04/05/2020
Leticia, Amazon

For 11 days Werner Herzog will advise a group of international filmmakers in the search for their own vision of cinema.
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On the occasion of this year's 32nd European Film Awards (EFAs) and in recognition of a unique contribution to the world of film, the European Film Academy takes great pleasure in presenting Werner Herzog with the LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for his outstanding body of work.

FAMILY ROMANCE, LLC. is the latest feature film by Werner Herzog with Japanese actors, in the Japanese language.

Romance as a business. A man is hired to impersonate the missing father of a 12 year old girl.

“ I have to take an audience through my camera
very deep into the heart of men or women,
and that’s what I do.”

Werner Herzog

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Meeting Gorbachev (PDF document)

Filming in Peru
with Werner Herzog

From the 1st-11th of May 2018, 48 filmmakers will submerge into the density and mystery of the Peruvian Amazonian jungle to make a short film guided by Werner Herzog, one of the more polemic and adventurous filmmaker who knows the jungle best. The base of the workshop will be located at the facilities of Inkaterra Field Station, a Peruvian organization devoted to sustainable development, ecotourism and biodiversity research in the region; old friends and allies of Herzog cinema, in the production of such intense shootings as Aguirre, the Wrath of God or Fitzcarraldo, iconic films of the landscapes of Peruvian jungle and mountain. Due to the geographical characteristics of the zone, the mobility for the shootings is made exclusively in motorboat through the Madre de Dios or the Amaru River; and by foot to delve into the tropical jungle. The motorboat journeys will be guaranteed and programed by the Production Company, as well as a complete preproduction folder of the zone where information regarding actors, locations and shooting permissions will be found. It will be necessary that the authors, once selected, certify a travel insurance for the dates of the workshop.

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Bavarian Film Award 2017 for Werner Herzog

Werner Herzog will be honoured with the Bavarian Film Award 2017 on January 19, 2018 in Munich.
The award is given by the Prime Minister of the State of Bavaria in recognition of Werner Herzog’s lifetime achievement as world renowned filmmaker.

Bayerischer Filmpreis 2017: Ehrenpreis des Minister­präsidenten für den Filmemacher Werner Herzog

13. Dezember 2017 - Der Ehrenpreis des Bayerischen Ministerpräsidenten beim Bayerischen Filmpreis 2017 geht an den Regisseur und Produzenten Werner Herzog. Werner Herzog ist eine Film-Legende „made in Bavaria“.

Die Begründung der Jury lautet wie folgt:

Das Dokumentarische und die Fiktion verschmelzen bei Werner Herzog. Illusion und Realität befruchten sich und werden bei ihm zum ganz großen Kino. Mit seinem Kino öffnet uns Werner Herzog ein Fenster in die Welt. Er ist der große Abenteurer unter den deutschen Filmemachern. Er hievt für seine Filme ganze Schiffe über Stromschnellen, dreht mit den kleinsten und stärksten Menschen der Welt, scheut weder kapriziöse Schauspieler noch den Tod, um uns die Schrecken und die Schönheiten der Welt vor Auge zu führen. Seine Filme gehen uns immer unter die Haut.“

Werner Herzog’s documentary INTO THE INFERNO has been nominated by The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) for the forthcoming EMMY®AWARDS 2017 in the category

Outstanding Science and Technology Documentary

The News & Documentary Emmy®Awards will be presented on Thursday, October 5th, 2017, at a ceremony at Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Frederick P. Rose Hall in the Time Warner Complex at Columbus Circle in New York City. The event will be attended by more than 1, 000 television and news media industry executives, news and documentary producers and journalists.

Werner Herzog will conduct a seminar and workshop in Cuba March 6-16, 2017 during which he will oversee the making of films by the students

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It will be a unique opportunity to work closely with Werner Herzog