Original Title FATA MORGANA  
  Original Screenplay Werner Herzog
  Year of production 1970
  Duration 79 min.
  Length 2140 m
  Format 35 mm
  Aspect ratio 1:1,33  
  Original language version German
  Additional language versions (links to dialogue/subtitle-lists)Engl/French/Lat.Am.Span/Ital
  Colour - b/w colour
  Location South Sahara, West- and East Africa
  Music Leonard Cohen: Suzanne
Leonard Cohen: So long Marianne
Leonard Cohen: Hey, thats no way to say good-bye
Anonymer Komponist of the 16th Century
Francois Couperin: Lecons des Ténèbres (12.. Lecon)
Without title: Third Ear Band
Mozart: Krönungsmesse (Kyrie)
  Production Company Werner Herzog Filmproduktion
  Laboratory Arri, Munich
  Budget 170.000 DM
  World-opening place and date Munich, 01.02.1972
  Rating 6 years
  Festivals Quinzaine des Réalisateurs, Cannes 1971
New York Film Festival 1971
London Film Festival 1971
Los Angeles Film Festival 1971