Original Title PILGRIMAGE  
  Original Screenplay Werner Herzog  
  Year of production 2001  
  Duration 18 min.  
  Length 505 m  
  Format 35 mm  
  Aspect ratio 16:9, protected 14:9  
  Original language version no spoken language  
  Colour – b/w colour  
  Location Mexico, Guatemala, Russia  
  Music „Mahamatra“
by Sir John Tavener
  Music performed by BBC Symphony Orchestra, Westminster
Cathedral Choristers
Parvin Cox
  Production Company Werner Herzog Filmproduktion
BBC with pipeline films
  Laboratory Outpost San Francisco  
  Sound Studio Henry Wood Hall  
  Budget 180.000 US$  
  Distributors World: Werner Herzog Film - World Sales  
  Available Formats 35/16mm, Video