Original Title STROSZEK  
  Original Screenplay Werner Herzog
  Year of production 1976
  Duration 108 min.
  Length 2949 m
  Format 35 mm
  Aspect ratio 1:1,66
  Original language version German
  Additional language versions (links to dialogue/subtitle-lists)Engl/French/Span/Lat.Am.Span/Ital
  Colour - b/w colour
  Location Berlin, New York, Wisconsin, North Carolina
  Music Chet Atkins (On My Way Down to Phoenix)
Sonny Terry (Old Lost John)
Tom Paxton (The Last Thing on My Mind)
L. v. Beethoven: Arioso op. 81/ Klavier, eigene Produktion
Volkslied: Sabinchen war ein Frauenzimmer, eigene Prod.
L. v. Beethoven: Arioso op. 81, 2. Satz, eigene Produktion
L. v. Beethoven: Mondscheinsonate, eigene Produktion
Chet Atkins: The last thing on my mind
Anonym um 1890: Automatenmusik, Walze (Edison)
Chet Atkins: By the time I get to Phoenix
  Production Company Werner Herzog Filmproduktion
  Co-Producers ZDF
  Laboratory Geyer Berlin
  Budget 905.000 DM
  World-opening place and date Munich, 20.05.1977
  Rating 12 years
  Awards Taormina 1977 Special Price