Director Werner Herzog  
  Producer Andre Singer  
  Executive Producers Lucki Stipetic, Christine Le Goff  
  Camera Tanja Koop, Henry Kaiser, The astronauts of STS-34, Klaus Scheurich  
  Original Music Ernst Reijseger, cello  
  Sound Joe Crabb, Eric Spitzer  
  Editor Joe Bini
Maya Hawke
  Archival Research Herb Golder  
  Online Editor Christophe Nadeau  
  Color Grading Isabelle Laclau  
  Re-recording Mixer Eric Lesachet  
  Audio Editor Mark Degliantoni  
  Head of Production UK/France Pat Footer (UK), Isabelle Lemonnier (France)  
  Collaboration NASA, Bobbie Faye Ferguson
NASA/JPL/Caltech, Pasadena,
Jack Dawson, Veronica McGregor
NASA Space Center, Houston,
Gayle Frere, Lucy Lucy Lytwynsky,
Gregory Jurls, Atenon Archive,
rusell Castonguay
  Production Manager Irma Strehle  
  Music Performance solo voice
Mola Sylla

Sardinian voices
Tenore e Cuncordu de Orosei
Piero Pala (voche, mesuvoche)
Massimo Roych (voche, mesuvoche)
Gianluca Frau (cronta)
Mario Siotto (bassu)
Patrizio Mura (voche, jew's harp)
© 2004 Winter&Winter, Munich/Germany
  Production Accountant Monika Kostinek  
  Second Unit:  
  Camera Jorge Vignati  
  Sound Ruiz Gutierrez  
  Gaffer Estuardo Agreda  
  Assistant Camera Raul Gonzales Perrigo  
  Special Thanks to:  
  We thank the astronauts
of Space Shuttle STS-43
for their courage in going
with us on this mission.
  We thank NASA for
its sense of poetry.
  We thank Henry Kaiser
for venturing out under
the frozen sky